Spano car - Pit Bul, Flo Rida, Lunch Money- Green light music video

This very popular futuristic concept car is a real head turner and has been delivered to individuals in London, Abu Dubai, Germany, Canada, and the US,  



ETV Extra Terrestrial Vehicle

This is our newest concept design, Featuring 600 + HP LS series GM power with the stable to impress!

The JOKER's  car  ! Suicide Squad for Warner Brothers - we were contracted to build three of these crazy looking cars!

For more then 15 years now our vehicles have been used in Movie's ,  TV adds, and multi media marketing

Movie and TV cars

This is another one of our ONE OF A KIND cars.  Turns lots of heads.

We welcome visitors to our shop where you will see custom work like you have never seen before. On top of designing and building our own unique fiberglass bodies,  We build our own headlights and tail lights from scratch, We design tooling and build our own laminated DOT glass, as well as tempered glass. We design and build custom doors from scratch with working power indexing windows.   We also design and CNC cut unique wheels from a picture or drawing.


350 hp V6  with paddle shift, Awesome! Exotic! and very much a daily driver if desired. Need for Speed Movie car !

The Car Factory By Mike Vetter Concept Cars And Custom Built Movie Cars

NEW !!!



4445 Micco Road,  Micco FL 32976 us

The Car Factory by Mike Vetter concept cars and custom built movie cars, futuristic one of a kind cars. We have been building high quality custom cars since 1996, That same year his builds were featured in Kit Car Illustrated which was a driving force to continually up the quality of our vehicles.    We offer to build any style of futuristic or concept car in a high quality manner where you will be able to drive the car every day if you like, We do not just build,  "Movie Props", If you have seen our work in person you can understand the virtue of the build, If you would like to come see our work, please come to the shop anytime with an appointment.

GTA Exotic

Boxster GT car- Kit, An Autobody Experience, SPEED TV


MTV CONCEPTS :  BY Mike Vetter