​Warner Brothers Movie Car, Suicide Squad. NIGHT TIME PICTURES = Photo Credit: Photo by Clay Enos/  & © DC Comics

Here are a few pictures of some of the cars we have built in the past, Over two decades of High Quality builds!


Every Vehicle pictured here is something we have built right here, 100%.  We do not show pictures of vehicles someone else has built .  You might see pictures of some of these cars on other builders websites, However the pictures have been stolen and you will need to be aware! Please call or email with any questions anytime!  MIKE VETTER, cell is 321-431-8120   email MikeVetter@live.com


4445 Micco Road,  Micco FL 32976 us

ETV  Extra Terrestrial Vehicle 


The Car Factory By Mike Vetter Concept Cars And Custom Built Movie Cars

GTA G37 spano

MTV CONCEPTS :  BY Mike Vetter


Porsche Boxster GT rebody, Carrera GT style